Health clinic specializing in hair transplants

Our procedure

Consultation and first checkup

Hair transplantation is preceded by a consultation with the operating surgeon. Your degree of baldness and the thickness and quality of you hair will be assessed. The optimal solution for your problem is proposed.

Extraction of follicular units

During the first phase of the procedure, individual follicular units are removed from the extraction site under local anesthesia. During the extraction phase you may choose to sleep, as the procedure is painless. This phase takes about 2 hours and if necessary, short breaks may be taken.

A break is taken after the completion of extraction

Creating incisions for the grafts

After local anesthesia, incisions are made at the recipient site for all the grafts.

Placing the grafts with the implanter

In the final phase, hair grafts are implanted into the prepared incisions. You lie on your back for about 2 hours and you may choose to watch a film during this time.

Patient immediately after the procedure

After completion we explain post-operative instructions and you go home without any bandages.
We can also perform the procedure without your head being shaved.