Health clinic specializing in hair transplants

The newest method of hair transplant

Zoskupenie vlasov do folikulárnych jednotiek
Grouping of the hair into individual follicular units

Our combination of specially-designed instruments and highly-trained medical team ensures our clients a totally natural result.

It is a minimally invasive technique, which, compared to older methods, does not involve the use of a scalpel, the cutting of strips of skin and stitching.

Hair follicles are extracted individually from an area where hair loss does not occur and are transplanted to an area where hair has already been lost. We transplant hair by means of follicular units – groups of 1-3 hair follicles which grow together naturally. By the correct distribution of follicular units in the recipient site, the transplanted hair has a natural appearance.

The most important instrument for achieving an esthetic appearance is the implanter, which is used to precisely control the depth, correct angle and direction of the implanted hair.

This type of hair transplant is suitable for:

Patients` financial and time options can be accommodated. Hair restoration can be planned and continued at any time without a new permanent scar being formed at the extraction site with each procedure, as was usual with the old method of cutting.